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Intercoms are without doubt the most well-known and instantly recognisable method of controlling access to a site, whether it be via a pedestrian door or vehicular route.

Our range of intercoms cater for everything from basic single entrance door control through to multi door, multi handset installations in large buildings.

Video intercoms incorporate an image sent from the external intercom which is displayed on the screen of the answering handset providing the operator a visual connection to the visitor attempting to gain access to the building/site.

The intercoms can be surface or flush mounted, or remotely located on posts to allow easy operation from a vehicle at the entrance to a site.

There are now two options for the installation of an intercom, which can be either hard wired or activated wirelessly.

Hard wired systems provide a physical link between the intercom and the receiving handset, while a GSM system delivers a wireless solution utilizing mobile phone technology. These systems allow a visitor to contact reception (or the designated gate/entrance controller) by using a mobile signal to call the specified mobile phone or land lines, allowing the visitor to announce their arrival. The operator can then open the door or gate by simply pushing a button on their telephone or mobile phone handset. GSM intercoms are extremely popular for gate systems and remote installations where cabling would be particularly challenging or not cost effective.

There are many styles of intercom panel and handset and our sales team will provide advice and recommendations on the best ones to suit the specific requirements of your business.

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