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IP HD Digistore Systems

IP based CCTV systems are the future of the industry.

CDA Solutions have been at the forefront of IP CCTV cameras and recording as the technology has developed.

Historically IP systems have been very costly when compared to analogue - however as the technology is now beginning to reach a level of market maturity the price gap has rapidly closed, with the significant benefits of modern IP capability making this route an extremely attractive option for all but the most budget restricted installations.

IP cameras work in a completely different way to analogue cameras, capturing images and converting them into digital data which can be broadcast over a network, along Cat5 or 6 cable, or wirelessly to the recording Digistore server. This flexibility is very beneficial as installation is often significantly cheaper than with analogue cameras ue to the reduced cabling requirement, and there are opportunities to provide coverage in areas which would traditionally have been very difficult.

All of our IP cameras have megapixel resolution, varying from 1.3mp to 5mp depending upon the requirements of the installed location.

Our Digistore servers will record at a full 25 frames per second regardless of the number of cameras installed giving you not only superb image quality and resolution, but seamless playback of any recorded events. The Digistore server will also record a full 30 days worth of footage at this resolution and frame rate providing you complete peace of mind that should you be unfortunate enough to need to look at specific occurances you will have a full and accurate high definition recording to rely on. 

All of our IP bundle packages are FULLY INSTALLED HD CCTV SYSTEMS and the quoted price includes all equipment, installation and FULL ONSITE TRAINING.

Key Aspects of the CDA Digistore IP Packages;

  • CDA HD IP Digistore system designed, developed and built in house by CDA Solutions in the UK
  • HD quality images using sophisticated mega pixel day and night IP camera's
  • Motion sensitive recording means you never miss an event
  • Multi camera viewing on 22" HD monitor, easy to customise multi-camera viewing options
  • Instant access to recordings
  • Intuitive software makes the system easy to use
  • Digital recording to hard drive and DVD makes evidence gathering straight forward
  • Network compatible
  • Remote viewing from off site via password protected broadband connection
  • Professional site survey, system design, installation, training and after sales support
  • Comprehensive 12 month on site parts and labour warranty
  • Council approved and used by Police Forces for monitoring town centres!
  • CDA can provide and support systems with unlimited numbers of cameras - please call to discuss your specific requirements and to arrange a free of charge, no obligation site survey.

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