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CDA Solutions Entry Control Systems

Access control measures such as gates, bollards and barriers need to have some means of actuation to allow authorised personnel or visitors on to your premises.

There are many ways of controlling this access, and the correct method will take into account your requirements as a user of the system.

Normally these will take the form of an intercom, a keypad, a proximity reader using key fobs or cards, or even a BioAccess technology such as finger print recognition.

Vehicular entry can be achieved via an intercom, radio key fobs or license plate recognition.

In many instances a combination of several control mechanisms is required in order to meet all access needs, and ensuring that the correct combinations are specified will make for a simple and easy to use installation which will have minimal operational impact upon the business while tightening up the security of the site.

Both stand-alone and networked solutions are available with CDA Access Control systems capable of managing unlimited site or building entrance points, and up to 10,000 registered users through an easily administered management database. Networked systems also allow complete control of your site through the simple programming of each member of staffs card or fob, defining which doors they are, and are not, allowed to pass through. Furthermore the system can produce reports showing which users have been where and at what times, delivering complete control and traceability to your staff and site.

The following pages outline the different types of control methods available, and our sales team will provide expert advice on the best solutions to meet the requirements of your business following the completion of a site survey.