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The Digistore HD server can be remote accessed from any iPhone, iPad, android based smartphone or Blackberry device allowing you to log in to your CCTV system wherever you are.

This feature is particularly useful for those who perform out of hours key holder duties, or for enabling owners/managers to log in and see what is happening at their place of work in their absence.

The remote view functionality can also be accessed from conventional laptops and PC's giving complete flexibility and providing easy access to your CCTV system.

Due to the system being password protected multiple users can be given this remote access capability and the system will provide records of who has logged in and when. The level of user rights can also be controlled, for example certain users could be restricted to not being able to see all of the cameras, or restricted to viewing only live footage with no access to the recorded footage and playback functions.

(*Broadband connection required to the Digistore server and minimum 3G reception on the remote viewing device)