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Barriers & Bollards

CDA Solutions Barriers & Bollards

Here at CDA Solutions we have a wide range of entry control provision available, and our Sales Managers will work with you to come up with the most practical and cost effective system to meet with your requirements.

From a simple barrier designed to act as a deterrent but actually allowing free entry and exit from a site through to a fully networked access control system which will provide full reporting on everyone entering and leaving a site, whatever your needs we will be able to help.

We offer barrier entry systems as part of our access control catalogue. Many businesses have staff parking or access to holiday homes, camp sites, industrial yards, loading bays or other facilities that they would like to protect and prevent the general public being able to freely enter.

A barrier entry system is a cost effective way of controlling access to your site and our CDA Solutions system can work with a wide range of control equipment so that you get the level of security and access to best suit your needs.


 Boom Length 4 to 8 Metres
 Control methods Licence Plate Recognition, Keyfob, Manual Button, Intercom, PIN
 Open Cycle Duration 4.0 – 6.0 Seconds depending on boom length
 Colour Blue
Power Consumption 300w
Licence plate recognition Compatible
Waterproof Rate IP66 when installed
Mounts 4 x M20 bolts
Safety Devices Ground loop and/or light beam (usually both as a precaution)
Dimensions 275(D) x 460(W) x 1200(H) mm
Operating Temperature -20°C to + 50°C

As part of our increasing range of access control systems we are now be able to offer Anti-Transiting retractable bollard systems. These systems are practical, sturdy, and functional providing increased security for banks, post offices and guarded car parks to name just a few. These are often indispensable for pedestrianised or limited traffic areas, and provide minimal environmental impact for town centres.

Our bollard system offers excellent performance with a simple and reliable mechanism, is easy to install and extremely straight forward to maintain providing an efficient and trouble free method of controlling vehicular access to a site.


Height 500mm or 700mm
Control Methods Licence Plate Recognition, Keyfob, Manual Button, Intercom, PIN
Open Cycle Duration 6 Seconds or 9 Seconds
Power Consumption 1.2A
Licence Plate Recognition Compatible
Waterproof Rate IP67 when installed
Mounts Submerged concrete
Safety Devices Ground loop and/or light beam (usually both as a precaution)
Dimensions Above Ground 210(D) x 210(W) x 500 or 700(H) mm
Operating Temperature -20°C (with optional heater) to + 50°C
Colour Silver