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CDA Solutions Remote Monitoring

CDA Solutions work with a number of third party specialist companies to provide a remote monitoring service for your CCTV system - helping to ensure that your security system is working to protect your staff, stock and premises, even when you are not there!

Round the clock CCTV surveillance can be configured through IP connections, ranging from responding to alarm activations through to full time 24/7 live monitoring.

Trained operators give peace of mind by evaluating alarm activations and live real time CCTV images to determine the appropriate level of response and action required.

Responses vary from simply logging a false alarm to audio intervention where an operator speaks to the intruders using loud speakers on site, to contacting a key holder/manager/owner or local patrolling security company, and even direct contact to the relevant local Police Force to request immediate intervention.

All of our remote CCTV monitoring partner services are manned by SIA approved & licensed CCTV operators who are trained in incident and response management.

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